What is Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting - the interpreter attempts to relay the meaning in real time. Naturally there is a small delay while the interpreter processes information. This type of interpreting is used more in conferences. This type of interpreting is also called conference interpreting.
A minimum of 2 interpreters are required. If you require this service for a whole day it will be necessary to source at least two interpreters due to the mental fatigue experienced by the work.
Specialist equipment is required. It should be kept in mind that the nature of this work requires specialist equipment if the client does not wish for 'whispering interpreting'. Usually, the interpreter sits in a special booth and his or her voice is broadcast to miniature receiving units which are given out to each of the event participants. There are local companies who provide rental services of this equipment. 
Background information. Having adequate and timely background information ahead of a simultaneous interpreting assignment is vital. As the interpreting is being done real-time, there is no scope for going back and correcting mistakes. Clients should always try to provide materials that interpreters could review before the event.