About me
I am a freelance translator / interpreter in Azeri (Azerbaijani) language. This is my native language. I was born in Azerbaijan and currently reside here. 

I have a Masters degree in simultaneous interpretation from University of Linguistics in Azerbaijan. Since I received my degree in 2001, I have been involved in azeri written translations and conference interpreting into Azerbaidjani language. 

I work as a freelancer, but have experience teaming with a group of translators for larger assingments. Usually, I lead the team. I use CAT tools and familiar with translation memory software of various linguistic companies around the world. Click to see the list of CAT tools I use.

I usually receive azerbaijani translation assingments from both direct clients and language companies. I always try to meet deadlines. As a rule I offer competitive rates to my clients and try to meet all new requirements.

Apart from Azerbaijani translation and interpretation jobs, I frequently receive validation/verification tasks in technical Azeri language projects. 

I have extensive experience in various fields including IT, social networks, automotive, telecommunication, education, miltary and general medical areas.

I will be happy to meet new clients and challenge new assignments.
Looking forward to working with you!

Gunay Rahimova
Azeri Translator / Simultaneous Interpreter